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AI.Magine Summit

Promoting Ethics, Diversity, and Accountability


About us

AI.MAGINE is the first summit to focus exclusively on AI ethics. Featuring world-renowned experts developing and implementing AI in various industries, AI.MAGINE will convene business leaders from health tech, finance, energy and more in beautiful Boulder, CO, on Feb. 5-6, 2020.  Major themes related to ethical AI including inherent data bias, data privacy, and accountability of diversity in tech will be discussed during panel discussions and break out sessions. Additionally, we will take the summit outdoors to access Boulder’s exquisite beauty during the nature experience led by Jasmine Takanikos of Brand Human. 

The purpose of this summit is to bring together a community of decision-makers joining researchers, computer developers, students, non-profits, and industry leaders in shaping a framework to develop ethical AI. This framework will help attendees bring these ideas back to their individual organizations for execution as part of their AI strategy development.

Presented by Align and Potential Realities.


We value connection. But with new technologies designed to make our lives easier and more productive, are we losing touch with ourselves and what makes us human?  If we want a future where our technology contributes to, rather than fractures, our collective growth and sense of connectedness, then we must begin to model the future we want to live in. It is up to all of us to recognize the power we wield in harnessing and developing these technologies. At AI.MAGINE, we will explore AI’s impact on humanity, the ethics and governance surrounding the technology and how to navigate this new era to create the highest socially advantageous uses of AI.


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